2018 September

location sound mixer

GER| 2018 | short film

Website: Ectafilm

Clara: Antonia Bill | Jonathan: Alexander Ziegenbein | Directors: Konstantin Rall, Zeehyun Soh | Camera: Claire Jahn | Steadicam Operator: Alexander Pauckner | Lighting: Anthony Tenambergen.

Genre: Drama | Country of Production: Germany | Year of Production: 2018 | Running Time: 15 Minutes | Shooting Format:
6K anamorphic | Aspect Ratio: 2.4:1 | Sound: 5.1 | Language: German, Choice of English, French or Korean Subtitles.

Clara, a successful young businesswoman, does a pregnancy test after a passionate weekend with a working collegue. The positive result confuses her a lot. At first overwhelmed by her extreme and contradictory feelings, she finds a deep assent with herself as the day progresses.

Triggered by her unusual state of mind, for Clara inner and outer world fall in one. The short seeks on all cinematic layers to follow this complex process.

2017 Knock Knock Knock

audio postproduction

GER | 2017 | short film


Director: Erik van Schoor

Production: Macabre Pictures


In the middle of the night a young woman gets disturbed by strange knocking sounds. She will never sleep again…

2016 Querfeldein

location sound mixer

GER | 2016 | short film


Director: Marco Baumhof

Cast: Sarah Alles, Adrian Topol


Isa und Tom sind ein sportliches Paar, das gerne gemeinsam an Laufveranstaltungen teilgenommen hat.
Durch eine schwere neurologische Erkrankung sind Läufe für Isa nicht mehr möglich und sie verliert immer mehr die Kontrolle über ihren Körper.
Die beiden wissen nicht wie sie mit der unaufhaltsam fortschreitenden Krankheit umgehen sollen. Isa zieht sich immer mehr in sich selbst zurück und trennt sie sich
schließlich von Tom. Um sie zurück aus ihrer Isolation zu holen meldet Tom sie, ohne ihr Wissen, zu ihrem Lieblings-Crosslauf an. Gemeinsam mit Freuden trägt Tom Isa in einem Reifen über
die Strecke. Mit jedem überwundenem Hindernis findet Isa sich besser in ihrer Situation zu Recht und fasst neues Vertrauen in sich, in das Leben und in ihre Liebe zu Tom.

No Monster in Berlin Screencap

2016 No Monster In Berlin

boom operator

GER / USA | 2016 | short film


Producer: Cinevera Productions

Director: Kate Holland

Cast: Mala Ghedia, Samir Fuchs, Samir Al Haljar, Tania Carlin, Kenneth Philip George

Web: http://www.nomonstersinberlin.com/


Working as a nanny for a wealthy Berlin family, Jaya spends her weekends teaching German language classes to newly arrived refugees. When Muazz, a new student, joins her class, Jaya discovers a connection that reveals the path towards her own healing – as well as his.


Watch the full movie here:

2016 Weihnachten der verlorenen Kinder

location sound-mixer

GER | 2016 | short film


Producer: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Director: Lara Witossek

DoP: Anne Bolick

Weihnachten der verlorenen Kinder nimmt einen mit in die Welt von vier Heroinabhängigen, die in einem heruntergekommenen Haus am Wald leben. Es ist ein Tag wie jeder andere, nur einer von ihnen muss beerdigt werden.

2016 Auf Wiedersehen Screencap

2016 Auf Wiedersehen

location sound mixer / audio post production

GER | 2016 | short film


Director: Thore Brodtmann


2015 Gilt To Gold Screencap

2015 Gilt To Gold

production sound mixer, audio postproduction, sound design

GER / UK | 2015 | short film


Producer: Lupa Films GmbH

Director: Raphael Chipperfield

DoP: Frank Madone

Cast: Edward Ashley, Rudolph Thome, Llewelyn Reichman


Through a fractured relationship between a father and a son, living alone together in new house and a new city, the film explores the idea that, like the thin layerof gilt added to gold that Frost alludes to, sometimes good things are not immediately self- evident. And that often we might find the need to make things appear to be what they really are…


2014 Viktoria Screencap

2014 Viktoria

boom operator

GER | 2014 | TV short film


Producer: dffb Berlin / rbb Fernsehen

Director: Mónica Lima

Cast: Anjorka Strechel, Michael Kind, Anton Spieker, Sabine Werner, David Schmitt


Viktoria is a top athlete in a wheelchair, who successfully wins the Paralympcis medals. Together with her strict trainer and a wheelchair operator who has a secret passion for her, they are an unbeatable team until Victoria has a decision to make.


2014 Rom.A Screencap

2014 Rom.A

audio postproduction / audio restauration / music production

GER / ITA | 2014 | short film


Producer: Stiftung Theater und Kunst Diletta Benincasa

Director: Yugen Yah


“Rom.A” is about a day out of the life of three groups. On the one hand we have the young Roma Hector, who lives in a camping car on a noisy street in the beautiful capital of Italy. Hector is already looking forward to the day, because today he finally gets the opportunity to take his chosen Francesca to his wife. As the tradition demands, he finally has the required dowry of 10,000, – for the wedding together. He just has to pick up the money from his boss…

Unfortunately, everything turns out different than planned, and Hector has to decide whether to remain loyal to his ideal and not to become criminal, like his circle of friends, or he stretches his hand after the fast criminal money. At the same time Francesca, his chosen one, has to face a difficult decision. Her parents don’t want to wait any longer for the young man’s money.

Either Francesca decides going against the tradition and leaves the guarded environment of the parents, or she stays at home and lets the parents decide what to do. At the same time, four policemen patrol the streets of Rome. They tell how they see Rome and what they think of the city’s crime. The roads of the policemen cross with the young Roma.

2012 Magneten Screencap

2012 Magneten

location sound mixer / audio postproduction

GER / AUT | 2012 | short film


Producer: Corinne Prochaska

Regie: Yugen Yah